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    You Are Cordially Invited to wear skirts, shorts, sleeveless slouses, bathing suits and a wardrobe that reveals more of your skin...

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    Male beauty might be subjective, but history tells us there's one certainty of the male physique that's held true since the ancient Greeks... Body hair is out!

Stop Grow - Hair Growth Inhibitor Lotion with Natural Ingredients

Stop Grow by Skinception is natural hair growth inhibitor lotion that will help you solve the problem that tortures 99% of women and more than 30% of men. You finally found a solution! This is a product for both men and women and is now available for purchase.

Stop Grow is a scientifically formulated hair inhibitor that has combined the newest achievements of world's cosmetic laboratories and the power of the most effective natural products. it is made of 3 active ingredients which aim is the permanent hair reduction and skin regeneration. Stop Grow is clinically proven to slow unwanted hair grow and to reduce body hair in 93% of study participants after about 2 months. The result is a long-lasting smooth and hair-free skin.

The product is clinically proven and will reduce the future growth of your unwanted body hair. It is designed to work by applying it after your favourite hair removal method. Once your remove the unwanted hairs, preferably by waxing or epilation, apply the Stop Growth lotion. That way it will interact immediatly with the hair follicles.

Are you tired of waxing, shavers, epilators, depilatories, tweezers? Have you ever wanted to use them less often? Now you can! Try Stop Grow by Skinception, a product with a long lasting effect. It is clinically proven to reduce unwanted hair with 82% on your upper lip, bikini line, under arms, legs and more. And it will leave your skin healthy, smooth and refreshed. Stop Grow is suitable for men and women age 21+ who want to shave and wax less and show more of their hair-free physique.

Using the natural hair inhibitor lotion, our customers saw a reduction of the body hair growth after a month. Some of them also found that the best results can be achieved if it is being used between 3 and 6 months.

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