Stop Grow by Skinception is made of 3 active ingredients that are known to reduce body hair growth and to have a recovering effect on the skin:

  • Decelerine™ (3.0%)
  • Telocapil™ (2.0%)
  • Pilisoft™ (1.0%)

The names above are just trademarks and they say nothing to you. And we want you to know what makes Stop Grow the better hair growth inhibitor. That is why we have broken down the trademarks into their active ingredients.

Decelerine™ is a compound of active ingredients proven to be effective in inhibiting hair growth by targeting the hair follicle cells during their growing phase and weakening new hair formation, gradually decreasing hair density and length.

Main ingredients in Decelerine™ are Aloe Vera leaf extract (Aloe Barbadensis) and Pseudoalteromonas Ferment extract (Antarcticine). Their role is to keep your skin silky and smooth.

Aloe Vera is a herbal plant known to be one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory agents. Its virtues have been known for thousands of years and have been used by ancient civilizations to treat skin irritation, burns and infections. Ancient records reveal that Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt has used a fresh Aloe Vera gel to keep her skin soft and young.

For even better soothing, moisturizing and regenerating effect on the skin, the scientists behind Stop Grow have added Pseudoalteromonas Ferment extract. Also known as Antarcticine, the Pseudoalteromonas Ferment extract is a skin-conditioning agent used in a number of anti-aging products because of its ability to regenerate and protect the skin, heal wounds, increase collagen and elastin production, and improve hydration.

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Telocapil™ is the medicinal trademark for a powerful anti-oxidant extracted from the leaves of Myrica cerifera, known in the United States as Southern Waxmyrtle or Bayberry. The Southern Waxmyrtle is a medicinal plant native to North America and has been used for many years by herbalists. Recently scientists have found that Myrica cerifera extract slows and weakens body hair growth. That is what it does within Stop Grow.

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Pilisoft™ is a specific active extracted from the leaves of Gymnema Sylvestre a herb native to the tropical forests of southern and central India. It prolongs and enhances the effects of hair removal treatments by combining two simultaneous effects. Pilisoft™ reduces hair vitality and visibly slows down hair growth, resulting in increased ease of depilation and shaving, the frequency of which may consequently be reduced.

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